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    Play on our servers and having a lot of fun.

    There are currently 181/295 players on 5 of our servers!

    The most players online was on August 21st, 2022 6:06 PM with 248/294 players on our servers!

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    Recovery of your donations

    I don't have a lot of time to check whole log of previous donations, so if you had not expired perk on our servers (VIP, Admin or Personal Skin) just post it in this theard by using follow form:

    1. Your SteamID: 
    2. Perk (VIP, Admin or Personal Skin): 
    3. Server you're donating for (ZE, ZR, Surf): 
    4. Some information about transaction (transaction id, email, or atleast date of donation)

    Your donation timeleft formula: <30 days as default donation period>  - (<9 may 2019 [the day before the server was shutted down]>  - <Your donation date>) + <30 days of compensation for the inconvenience>

    Example: I donated 1 may 2019.

    <30 days as default> - <(9 may 2019 - 1 may 2019)> + <30 days of compensation> = 30 - (9 - 1) + 30 = 52 days timeleft


    I'll not make post for every single reported donator, just will edit your message with info. Thanks.

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