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    Zombie Escape Event #119 - A blind passenger!? let us guide him to victory!

    Zombie Escape Event #119 - A blind passenger!? let us guide him to victory!

    18/07/2021 - 3PM GMT+0


     We need you to help us guide 1 - 2 cts through each stage! Good luck! Hopefully it will be a fun event!

    10 Days of VIP to winners!

    Event information:

    • We will play the following map(s):
    • Time of the event: 18/07/2021 at 3PM GMT+0
    • Special rules:
    • Rules will be enforced strictly during the event. Spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed and will be punished directly, without a warning.

    • 1 - 2 random cts will have a beacon (VIP = if beaconed players die all die)
    • The beaconed players will also have full blindness on (So we will have to guide them through the map)

    • Leader: Any willing one.

    • Rewards:
      Winning the following stages of this map ze_inboxed_v1_5 will grant you the following amount VIP written below

      Winning stage 1 will grant you 1 days of VIP

      Winning stage 2 will grant you 2 days of VIP

      Winning stage 3 will grant you 3 days of VIP

      Winning stage 4 will grant you 4 day of VIP

    Connect information:

    • Server:  Zombie Escape
    • IP:
    • Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group

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    Winners rewarded. Thanks for joining this amazing event 😄 a bit chaotic but it ended good.

    See ya guys at the next one possible next Sunday! stay tuned for updates!

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