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PrEdAtOr Bhop Hacking

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Name of the player(s) involved : PrEdAtOr

Steam-ID of the player(s) involved : STEAM_0:1:23220243

What server did it happen on :  Zombie Escape ● NiDE.GG ● Rank|FastDL|SSD

What map : ze_rocket_escape_r1 & ze_rooftop_runaway1_v4

Explain the situation : Dude's speed when bhopping is not normal, you can see in first two clips how he reached the first stage before all players and with nemesis which is impossible due to the high gravity and the high chance of missing jumps and in the other two clips you can see how he left everyone behind in a seconds, it could be legit but not sure it's very suspecting since he done it many times in other surf maps leaving players behind and gain higher speed without messing any jump

Proof :





Изменено пользователем Thedestiny
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  • Technical Administrator

Hello @Thedestiny


Thank you for your alert, It's nice to have players who help us improve the server!!! ?
We need players like you.

Unfortunately in your video,  nothing seems suspicious for the players, everything seems legitimate.
it is possible to bhop in the same way if you add your jump key on your mouse scroll ?

Check ths video if you whant ton view a real bhop {g*y} script.



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op you made this post because you are jealous you cant bhop like a pro. practice and you can be a pro like him. i know predator he and a couple people are pro in bhop

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@Thedestiny Just note that the Air Acceleration is higher on surf maps. Another thing is that it seems like you are cherry picking data, which if you don't know what that means, it means you only show clips where he does a good bhop.

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In the 2nd clip on 0:40 you can see that he misses his scroll while still trying to strafe on the ground, which means it's legit.

Изменено пользователем GaGaGa
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