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Закрыто Mikitou Admin abuse


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1: Your own ingame name - Mousetrap [\-]
2: Your own steam-ID -  (STEAM_0:1:583073424)
3: Name of the admin(s) involved - Mikitou
4: What server did it happen on - Nide ze
5: What map - ze_random_v10_fix
6: Time and date - 27.04.2021 @ 02:24
7: Explain the situation - Knifed zombie on the 1st round while people still joining. Admin didn't say anything. Got banned on the next round, 3 minutes later, without any warning or knifing anyone. I get the feeling that this guy got admin just to ban at sight without a word
8: Proof - watch demo



Изменено пользователем Mousetrap
Added video
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Hey Mousetrap, I've watched the demo. Actually knifing in a real round (even if some people were still joining) is forbidden. You can only do that in a warmup. We don't usually warn people for knifing zombies forward intentionally.  I assume the reason why he banned you after that round was because, he was trying to concentrate on that round first.. However since you are a good player and appealing, I'll let you go. Just don't do it again next time thanks!


Also don't feel like that towards mikitou, trust me, he's actually a good person and also a good admin ? You may not notice it, but most of us, especially the higher ups do.

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