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Закрыто Admin Abuse - ZE


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1: High
2: STEAM_0:0:634659218
3: calamari
4: So, we were playing ze_random, and we keept losing, so, while we played the map, calamari slayed us multiple times (the number of ct players was normal (10-15) ). Also, he was saying the N word multiple times, which I think it's not good, cuz i'm 100% sure that there's some black ppl on the server.
5: ze_random
6: 17/5/2021 10:19 - 10:40
7: I did, on the 4th question.
8: Y'all can see it on the admin panel logs

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Hey High, welcome to NiDE. You can say the n word here whenever you want as long as you don't spam it. I was like you when I joined the server for the first time and saw people throwing n words here and there. Don't worry much about it you'll get used to seeing these kind of behaviour in this community.

And it wasn't an abuse at all. He slayed because you guys lost the couch to the zombies, and it was not winnable if you guys did not shoot the couch to it's goal. No actions taken, and have a nice day.


Besides.. It wasn't calamari, it was Allah, a donated admin.


Case closed.

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