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Locked extend vote spams by admin ".." and "laith"


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1: Your own ingame name: allah
2: Your own steam-ID: 76561198065705742
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: ".." (i think his name is predator, he uses this weird nick in game tho) and "laith"
4: What server did it happen on: zombie escape
5: What map: ze_knife_fun_fix
6: Time and date: 5:42 PM 18/05/2021 UTC
7: Explain the situation: normal map vote started at 3:00, mako won over extend. admins ".." and "laith" started to spam extend votes, i think like 4 or 5.
8: Proof: logs

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Yeah they shouldn't really have done that to be honest. I have demoted both of them and looks like they did not read admin guidelines properly. Thanks for reporting, Allah.


Case closed.

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