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Закрыто Zombie Escape Event #115 - you're a wizard harry!


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Zombie Escape Event #115 - you're a wizard harry!

19/06/2021 - 3PM GMT+0


 You as a player just recieved an invite to Hogwarts will you learn any magic as time goes on? lets find out! Good luck!

Days of VIP to winners!

Event information:

  • We will play the following map(s):
    •  ze_harry_potter_v2_1 (which you can download manually here)
  • Time of the event: 19/06/2021 at 3PM GMT+0
  • Special rules:
  • Rules will be enforced strictly during the event. Spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed and will be punished directly, without a warning.
  • SPECIAL KICKCER Stage 3 and 9 during the zm phase zombies will be able to use their wands to make those 2 stages harder!

  • Leader: Any willing one.
  • Rewards: - based on 12 stages
    Winning stage 6 of the map will give you 3 days of VIP!
    Winning stage 12 of the map will give you 6 days of VIP!

Connect information:

  • Server:  Zombie Escape
  • IP:
  • Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group

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  • Management

Winners rewarded!!

Sad that kicker had issues... but harry is always fun as an event! thanks for joining this event guys! ? 

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