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Locked donated admin "laith" (who now applied for admin as well) toxic behavior and abuses


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1: Your own ingame name: allah
2: Your own steam-ID: will edit and update
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: laith
4: What server did it happen on: nide zombie escape
5: What map: random escape, surf vortex
6: Time and date: at the time of this post (will add demo links with time)
7: Explain the situation: laith has been donated admin for a while, not sure how long. this dude basically for the duration of time being an admin doesnt flinch a finger towards doing any of the admin's job. but thats not the problem especially since hes donated admin. the issue is being toxic, abusing constantly, and just harrassing other people.


we just finished playing random escape 5 mins before posting this. through the entire map time, he kept on spamming !msays calling us g*ys and what not.

when senior admins left, which was when surf vortex was played and then random escape, he'd initiate extend votes for couple minutes even though main map vote extend option lost.

during zomeal escape stage which he and another guy were the only CT left alive he went up the broken stairs in an attempt to delay. and at this part if the gate isnt being opened its a glitch where you can delay for infinite time. sin slayed him and the other guy, and laith decides to slay sin the next round. @Sin confirm in comments.


and probably the worst thing to have as a part of an admin team - a complete asshole.

gagging and muting people with resons like: "respect" or as you can see in the pic below. its also not his only mutes/gags, feel free to check past comm blocks, im sure theres more that i didnt catch


after getting his admin frozen for spamming 3 extend votes in knife fun 3 weeks ago he says this in shout box:

"@allah let me see my name in one of your fcked comments or post and you can enjoy free ddos for rest of the week"

"fcking deep sh*t retarded israelian fcker"

8: Proof: demos, chat log, and admin commands hes done

all of random escape 20 mins:

ze_random_escape_b7_3.bz2 20.06.2021 @ 02:37 17.3 MiB

 about 5 last mins of vortex after lardy left:

ze_surf_vortex_v1_9s.bz2 20.06.2021 @ 02:16 16.6 MiB

and if you have free time, read the sh*t talk he says to others in his chat history:


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cute, bro no need to collect everything i've done and post them all here to stress lsa to demote me, and everyone does "sh*t talks" thats not gonna get me demoted .. and screenshoting the gag but didn't screenshot the ungag wich was 2 secs after that .. strong evidence tbh




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1 minute ago, laith said:

ooh am beeing reported for msay ? specially on this time . made an application ?? 

[ADMIN] laith : no slay on troll maps
{ROOT} cmer : !slay @ct
nice braindead @laith

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2 hours ago, IXR Icey Cake said:

The admin application got denied already rip. But he deleted it. 

icey back please

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