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Locked Reporting an Admin.


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1: Mark
2: STEAM_0:0:821933588
3: hEaDsHoT_BOSS
4: ZombieRevival.
5: zm_lila_ultra_panic_v2
6: Between 6:00 and 6:25 AM (UTC+01), Date: 6/21/2021
7: This admin is just being toxic in chat, talking with unappropriate behavior with players. If an admin talking like this then who'll make the chat clean and proper for everyone.
Someone said "I think hEaDsHoT_BOSS is hacking" in chat and he replied with "im top 1 in this game retard i dont hack", "
hEaDsHoT_BOSS: yeah iam top 1 on this game ? thats why you all die ;)", and kept being rude to him. plus he accused some player by using aimbot and bhop script (just saying, this happen on different time/map)

8: all proofs on the demos and console I guess, I didn't took screenshots became I think it's easy for you to open demos and console to check what he said and If I'm correct or not.




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  • CS:S ZR Server Manager

Hey, since anyone can donate for admin we can't really have high expectations that everyone will behave responsibly. Looking at the chat I don't find it necessary to give a gag for that. Also no abuse of commands so I will close the topic. 

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  • ire locked this topic
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