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Locked zr adminabuse


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1: Your own ingame name - youssefJO
2: Your own steam-ID - STEAM_0:1:613391752

3: Name of the admin(s) involved - OnyX_DeTa
4: What server did it happen on - ZR server
5: What map - zm_nide_ruiners_dream

6: Time and date -  (about an hour ago and before this topic) + (i don't remember the exact time)
7: Explain the situation - I was camping and he was camp with me " in the same camp spot " He became mother ZM;
He had a prop(dryer) but it became (serverprop) so she is not for anyone now, i just wanted to put it back  but he slayed me.

8: Proof

i don't know how to use the demo (i think the admins can check it)

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