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Locked ruby rose team killing and false bans


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1: Your own ingame name: allah
2: Your own steam-ID: will update
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: RubyRose
4: What server did it happen on: nide zombie escape
5: What map: atix panic, random escape
6: Time and date: 18.07.2021 @ 14:21, 18.07.2021 @ 14:38 (time of posting this)
7: Explain the situation:

atix panic - ruby uses M3 to boost zombies to the end from the top floor stairs, somewhere towards the last rounds of the map

random escape - ruby starts banning people for using nades in random escape (me and some other guys)
8: Proof: demos, nide source bans

ze_random_escape_b7_3.bz2 18.07.2021 @ 14:38

16.5 MiB

ze_atix_panic_b3t.bz2 18.07.2021 @ 14:21 11.6 MiB

edit: the boosting in atix panic happened towards the last few rounds, im not sure which one exactly. sorry i dont have an exact time.

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Hello allah. I reviewed the atix demo and indeed, Ruby boosted. The funny thing is that you "assisted him" instead of killing him as a zombie,which makes you as guildty as he is. About random escape I can clearly see that you threw nades 1,2 seconds before the infection timer on clear purpose,boosting. So instead of wasting your and our time with reporting think about what you did before you write a report. I will talk with Ruby about the boosting . No more discussion on the question,Topic Closed!

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