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Locked Batatatata's obsession with "inflation" and maintaining a non-competitive game


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So yeah, I have inflated several times because I do actually possess a bit of sportsmanship, and I want the game just to be a little competitive. I do it when I assess that zombies stand absolutely no chance, that counts especially for some of the very few maps where sv_enablebunnyhopping is set to 0. In these maps zombies only have the opportunity to win as far as they can hope that some of the CT's do some retarded mistakes, which they sometimes do but that doesn't make the game competitive, but rather a "single team play".      

Anyway, when that is pointed out, the rule is ofc. that you are not allowed to inflate, so I will have to accept that rule in any instance.

However, I usually do that now, but Batatata is eagerly trying to interpret any situation where I die to the zombies as I'm inflating. In the worst case, I did not even die to the zombies, but I was just spawned as a zombie and I got banned in 6 days. (this is what I'm mainly complaining about now).

The problem is too that sometimes I just like to play risky, and that is not the same as inflating. I did that the second last time I was banned which I also felt was unjust.   

Despite the several times I actually have inflated, a ban must ofc. be carried out as a reaction to a specific action and not to a vague, undefined set of actions in the past. 

I have also heard that the custom when a player continually breaks a rule is that for each extra case you do the specific violation, 30 minutes is added to the length of the ban. Does that rule seem ignored by Batatata? I went from being banned in 30 minutes to 6 days if you look here: https://bans.nide.gg/index.php?p=servers         

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