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Locked NEDRUG abuses


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1: Your own ingame name: Dolly
2: Your own steam-ID: Doesn't matter
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: NEDRUG
4: What server did it happen on: ZR
5: What map: zm_forgotten_town_ri
6: Time and date: just now
7: Explain the situation: Nedrug forced rtv without making a vote, i haven't played the map for a long time and i want to explore the map again because i totally forgot it, but since nedrug doesn't like it he forced rtv, and the funny thing that they voted for another bad map so there was no point of forcing rtv. 
8: Proof: Check demo and admin logs

Note: It's right that the map is big and most of the players don't like it, but the main point is not here, the point is why did nedrug force rtv without making a vote? if he made a vote, i would not even make a report since the players want to change the map.

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I am not surprised by this report,since you have an incomprehensible children's war going on for me,I will solve the question regarding this topic!

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Wow, so it's like it was me who told nedrug to force rtv without votes? I don't care whoever the admin was, I know his feeling, the map is sh*t for him, but as admins you don't have to care about yourself only, but the others too, so he didn't respect other players's opinions, that was an alone decision for changing the map

stop defending your brother, you have to behave with admins in the same line, don't prefer anyone over the others, be f*cking helpful for everyone and play the server a bit you don't know what is happening right there

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