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Закрыто Mr.noozi abuse


Рекомендуемые сообщения

1: Your own ingame name
2: Your own steam-ID
3: Name of the admin(s) involved
4: What server did it happen on
5: What map
6: Time and date
7: Explain the situation
8: Proof


1-mohamed. or all players 



4- Zombie revival


6-,,,, 2:20 (time Palestine) ,, 20/6/2019

7- Mr.noozi use hp to 999999999999999 (human can't kill him ,, and slay player for no reason and teleport (!goto) and when he zombie use command can back her life (Change to human) and use respawn. 



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  • CS:S ZR Server Manager

Thanks for the report.

Looking at the submitted proofs and logs, the admin in question is guilty of extensive abuse of admin commands.

Because of that, his admin rights are removed completely.


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