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Locked deepn is the best admin ever | "admin" report


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1: Your own ingame name: capsdog
2: Your own steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:11326430
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: deepn ❤️
4: What server did it happen on: ze
5: What map: mountain and knifefun
6: Time and date: 18.11.2021, 20:07 & 19.11.2021, 11:53
7: Explain the situation: my favourite admin named deepn, she begged me to go to spec calling me a dog and repeating some crying phrases like "dog go spec". she said that she is going to ban me and i answered that im gonna f@ck her dead mother after remembering her old messages about me in the summer. when i destroyed her in ds she got offended and decided to try to find a reason to ban/gag me. just analyze the amount of her insults and my insults, i said 6 words and this vulnerable girl got offened again, but remembered that she has an admin access. after the gag another admin joined and started talking about me with dear arabian girl named harraga, in general this admin team deserves an oscar. just look at this sight when the admin gags a player and rejoice together with another admin who said to me: F@CK YOU. IF YOU WILL AVOID DEATH AFTER KNIFING I WILL BAN YOU '. i have seen too many times how admins and players like striiker and harraga, viper, chujoy, hawk, yukino yukinosh*ta and even dolly himself avoided death by going to spec or press M and choose team before 3 seconds to not get killed and much more players not just me, but the best muslim of nide didn't touch them cause they are girlfriends (no offence =D)

In the next episode this girl ( deepn again ) got offended by me and banned me before seeing the situation, she just looked at her beautiful pink chat when i was seen knifing the zm twice by the plugin and died for the third time. on her mind thinking ( this is a good and enough reason to ban my main enemy in css server who humiliated me in discord, but i couldnt do something to him there, cause senior admins will make me suck cock again ). i certainly understand that this topic is useless and almost all admins on her side and friends with her, but the fact is that she banned me for 2 days for knifing the zm 3 meters to the back and consider it a reason to inflate and changing the ban to an IP ban, i think this is a cringe ban. i beg you, if you are lsa or server manager and her friend simultaneously-> don't parse this topic and click at the right X button of your browser, cause the topic might be closed by you.

ps : changing the nickname and redescirbing a reason to "trolling" it was not a good idea cause it wasnt even a trolling, i just have been infected after kniving the zm repeatedly, like 4 times exactly not even toward cts. Btw banning me in the discord server, when i dont see this its a cringe, i was unbanned in the ds server but you banned me again and didnt let me to talk with killik. probably you scarred of him so that you banned me so fast again ?
8. Proof: https://imgur.com/zwa08fV - copy this sh*t, idk why link doesnt work for clicking


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The first thing you told me was in psay :

"svytt<5327><[U:1:22652860]><> triggered sm_psay to deepn<5366><[U:1:1067775748]><> (text immigrate to ukraine f**got)"

After i killed you on knife fun maybe due to rage issues ?

So i decided to answer you like u deserve, after i killed you a second time and saw you going to spec to avoid death I told u to go spec like a dog which is maybe the only thing u can blame me for, then this is what you answered


2021-11-18 20:12:34 im gonna f*ck ur dead mother man. Zombie Escape ● NiDE.GG ● Rank|FastDL|SSD ze_knife_fun_fix_v1


So yeah maybe a kid that doesn't have his brain fully grown yet couldn't understand that it could offense someone to say such things so i decided to gag you with the reason "dog" which is actually how you are acting.

Then on mountain you literally started to knifing zombies ( not forward just for fun ) for no reasons several times and ended up with an inflation which is bannable so i decided to ban you for 30 minutes, which i updated to 2 days since u had a lot of bans before.

The reason "trolling" was one of the default reasons in the list that i couldn't modify myself when adding a Web Ban

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U're talking about things when i wasn't admin which i answered u with the words u deserved you're a kid with rage issues, don't talk like if u were the victim here u're the one who psay'd me a lot of times insulting saying "i f*ck you you suck at knifing" kekw, dude chill a bit it's css u're not playing e-sport and when u start raging the only thing u say is "i gonna f*ck your dead mother" " your dad beat your dead mother" xD, u must have some mental issues kid, do some yoga to calm ur nerves

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Your avoiding death on knife fun which doesnt have respawn for zms when they die. Other maps which instantly kills zms with knife has respawn so most people go spec to avoid losing points because zms can respawn!!!. I already had this situation with predator but he couldnt understand it, and it seems u dont understand either let me explain again. KNIFE FUN DOESNT RESPAWN ZOMBIES. And i saw u evade a lot of deaths on knife fun many times which is impossible to respawn as zm so its pretty much bannable. The people who you mentioned going to spec was on maps with ZOMBIE RESPAWNS means anyone who die can respawn. So ur the only 1 who is at fault for evading death on knife fun, i never saw other people evade death on knife fun, only u and predator evade death on knife fun. And you cant go spec on knife fun its disabled when you type spec it wont work, dunno about m and choose team one cuz never used it.

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  • Event Manager


LSA talked and decided to warn deepn about his behavior towards you.
Although, i will warn you too, stop insulting admins and players. Play your game and there is no need to insult anyone. I know sometimes you might feel the need to say something but in some cases the best thing to do is to stay quite.

I hope there won't be any more problems related to this.

Best regards.

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