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Locked Admin Application Raizel Lyfeld

Raizel Lyfeld

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, the King is BACK!!!! (its a tiktok reference, kinda been watching a lot of tiktok lately hahahaha :''D...... sry )




My name's Raizel Lyfeld as you all know already, some or a lot know me, for being nosy, funny, bringing good atmosphere to the server, making people laugh as I keep dying as the most retarted dude there ever was, for

my reactions, the way I talk, and more, which I am glad for because that's who I am ? and it made me happy that people found me that way and they thought it was good :3


I'm officialy applying to be an admun again, a trial one, wanna give it a go again, but this time, the right way, not like in the past, not knowing sh*t and just being there, kinda maybe to play and help people if they ask for extend or slay and stuff, which practically a donated admun can do except for extend, or that be out of the question and he get terminated irl :D. I still have the desire and wish to be a real admin on NiDE, sry but I LOVE NiDE a LOT, u cant undo it, even if you want, its just the pure truth :3.


Now lets go onto the template, shall we :3






Template Fullfilled*


1. Name's Valentin and im 19, gonna turn 20 in 7 months.

2. My Discord goes by Raizel Lyfeld#8973

3. My Steam ID is ''Steam: STEAM_O:1:601713243''

4. I've been playing CSS for 8 Years. Even though its not on my account as info, started non steam at the age of 10. Sry, but kinda had to use this sentence if its copy+paste, pretty much true can't do anything about it ?

5. My connection time has been well executed (fullfilled), have experience from the past by being on NiDE, people know me, even though I havent been hopping on so often in the game, asking me, to slay, since some still thought I was admun, lel :DDDDD.

6. If you choose to accept me or not its your decision, I believe @Life is a Bitch has all informed you before why I was declined and didnt make it as an official admin so no need to go on about talking about it and explaining it :3.

7. Well, I have gained some knowledge from being a donated admun before turning to a trial admun :D, like how to detect bhoppers or hyperscrollers. How to handle situations, since I didnt have before any kind of experience, which is, come on :D, to be real, kinda a really big  ''   -1   '' for me, (meant minus by that over there <<<<). I knew it and well, I tried to cope with it and got to try and learn so much from @Hobbitten, @Life is a Bitch, my bro Mr Frodo :DDDD, @Akadirtoo, i see u m8 :DDDD) love for uuu!!, no homo btw :D, am straight heheh yeeeh boy. Then of all, mr. BATATATATATATATATATATATATATA YAHOOO :D, love his name :D. and Ruby and then the others :)).

8. About my experience, I told u up there in the section 7, sry, am not so organized and can kinda overtalk and lose the topic... :D, but that's mee, your friend Mario, naaaw hell nah, Raizel!! :))

9.I'm currently in Germany, my nationality is Bulgarian. I'm finally working as a childcaretaker and its f*cking funny and relaxing, dont have to do a lot, its a f*cking chill dream to come job :DDDD, so niceeee.

10. Answer to the Question:    "First of all if I notice someone using cheats, I'll go and spectate him for half an hour to make sure if he's cheating or not. If there is beef, I'll calm down the person who reported and tell him to leave it to me. I'll file this in Notepad real quick and then move on, continue watching the situation and then if there is beef, I'll tell them to stop. If not and they dont listen, I gag and mute for 5 mins, so they get to know im serious since they need to learn that I really mean it that they need to stop and stop being crybabies. Now about the cheaters, as in the forums if someone is caught cheating, I'll act according to the rules already made and kick or ban according to the amount of time has been decided for, and that applies for everyone who cheats, not to only one person, no individual ban, but a system based ban. There you have my old comrades :), I hope I have satisfied your criterias. Have a nice day, evening, or morning :3.




With much love and care

Kind Regards





01.12.2021 Germany

Raizel Lyfeld

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  • Management

Hey Raizel my man!

good to see you again

As Life said your connection is time a big problem here. I know you love NiDE and all but for an admin post we would need admins who are known to the community and atm most players have no clue who you are and when you were admin. 

Get yourself some playtime a lot and make another post in 1 - 2 weeks time. Also I havent seen you that much on css but rather csgo.

We just opened a csgo ze server contact me on discord if you want more information about that ? 

Sorry admin Application denied

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