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Locked Again batatata ?? ( Please I dare you to not delete this topic to prevent other admins from doing your mistake ! "


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name: Dunk in the game " aka predator / .. " Id : STEAM_0:1:23220243

admin : batatata

map : ofc atix or knife fun

server : ze

again no sense ban for my ip, this admin didn't even check my status and saw me getting kill streaks including killing him two times and after almost reaching to heli i get kicked by him and ip banned i wasnt even gliching id for how long this sh*t will keep going ? 
dare you to not delete this topic like u did with my previous one, let players and managements " killik/ingame " see what you people doing on the server
proof : https://imgur.com/a/KDp45cZ
he is mocking me in the chat like i care to respond : https://imgur.com/a/KDp45cZ
i will insert video soon showing my innocence and the ban is abusing and hate from him if this topic didn't get deleted and my effort is wasted again

I deleted this post week ago hoping its a mistake and this manager didn't know i'm not banned and not avoiding bans but here we go again, another ban today " avoiding bans " when i just changed my name and used group steam tag I play fine for days until this manager show up and just ban me and of course as you guessed in atix again 
Today's Ban ; https://imgur.com/a/DcfrnS2

please keep this report so any older admin wouldn't do the same mistake 

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  • Server Admin

I won't even bother to read that huge text.

You're banned for avoiding bans. Until you don't stay away from the server from at least 1 month, i will keep banning you for avoiding the initial ban.

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