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If you want to become a in-game leader on our CSGO Zombie Escape server, then just respond below to get access to the 'Leader' system.

Leader abilities:
- Nominate maps that are able only for leaders
- Leader menu (!leader in chat):

  • Put "Defend Here" marker
  • Put "Defend Here" sprite above your playermodel
  • Put "Follow Me" sprite above your playermodel
  • Put colored beacon on yourself
  • Put trail on yourself

- Microphone
- Knowledge of ze_ maps

If you decide to become a leader, then also enter your SteamID (STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXX) in your respond
Simple example of response to this thread:

I want to be a leader. My SteamID is STEAM_0:1:105131968

Current Leaders List:

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//"STEAM_0:0:22286324" // rogan
"STEAM_0:1:32247009" // neon
"STEAM_0:1:39773416" // omar
"STEAM_0:1:15222492" // shitsal
"STEAM_0:0:50822239" // banya
"STEAM_0:1:13348241" // juggernaut
"STEAM_0:1:49355699" // daniel-san
"STEAM_0:0:23670843" // monkey
"STEAM_0:1:12552642" // dad
"STEAM_0:1:52451965" // black dragon
"STEAM_0:1:79341741" // warped
"STEAM_0:1:107271710" // consolo
"STEAM_0:0:13007543" // anal sex by force
"STEAM_0:0:419740855" // phantom
"STEAM_0:1:21820159" // Batata
"STEAM_0:1:176930100" // Lightning Strike
"STEAM_0:1:69650476" // William 
"STEAM_0:0:121740322" // Ambitious
"STEAM_0:1:29141867" // RockLee
"STEAM_0:0:187018106" // Creepy
"STEAM_0:0:79553931" // Kai Master Of Poncher
"STEAM_0:1:233514179" // pl_1over
"STEAM_0:1:6702539" // Shiz0 / Alpa
"STEAM_0:0:54446629" // FPT / Failer
"STEAM_0:0:546399875" // Bro Man Salam
"STEAM_0:1:10409691" // Nk* Kroaat_West bG 
"STEAM_0:1:525795054" // Wicked
"STEAM_0:0:134803050" // Sausage Clicker
"STEAM_0:0:9577898" // FierceG
"STEAM_0:0:512429357" // Bo{G}daN
"STEAM_0:1:176080818" // AbNer 
"STEAM_0:1:471241185" // IXR Icey Cake
"STEAM_0:1:69678040" // willy wilson
"STEAM_0:0:4413733"    // Vasiliy
"STEAM_0:0:427928718" // Romkiller
"STEAM_0:0:9286503" // Deni
"STEAM_0:1:99054480" // ZeDanny
"STEAM_0:1:174441596" // Tiger
"STEAM_0:0:441652455" // Sole Ipsis
"STEAM_0:1:24322623" // Pivovaric
"STEAM_0:1:188357109" // Realitysucks
"STEAM_0:0:83119720" // E V O
"STEAM_0:0:88609374" //Jani
"STEAM_0:0:11140292" //Super.WeeDy
"STEAM_0:0:600167784" //Reyzan
"STEAM_0:0:239963618" //LSD
"STEAM_0:0:425791234" // Nothai
"STEAM_0:0:14304332" // yama

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