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1: !f0rZe

2: STEAM_0:1:23763544

3: checkster

4: CS:Source ZE

5: ze_highway_escape_v2

6: 11.07.2019 18:00 (GMT +3)

7: I was sitting on the server and saw that people were dying somehow, I asked the FPTyel what the hell was going on, he told me that someone exploiting the server through the cvar kill. In the end, I wanted to try to catch the offender, but nothing happened. Lardy asked how people dyinng and I answered in the admin chat, what is used by cvar Kill, but this does not mean that I used it. And it all came to the fact that checkster was taken away from me and banned for 1 week for allegedly exploiting the server. Please review this report and punish him.

8: Better to ask proof from checkster, because I didn't do anything.

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I have enough prof on you, if you want to be unbanned make apeal, and we will deal with it, there is no abuse here. 

I have shown the prof to admins and leads, case closed, go make a unban request. 

Its odd that you say that map cause I banned you on knife fun. Don't act innocent.  I've done enough testing to know that I'm correct. 
And I have enough saved logs to know I did the right thing. 


I did not demote you, I just banned you and removed your access to server and discord.  ( demotion will come from leads, but due to the exploits I cant see you as admin on ze )
I consider you, due to the exploits you have done and other things that you are not a fit admin, and as long as I'm manager I don't want admins exploiting the server.
The ban stays end of story no abuse. Feel free to make a unban apeal. 


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Opened, because checkster abusing admin as he wants.
Also, he CAN'T close topic as being reported, otherwise forum is not working as needed.


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53 minutes ago, FPTyel said:

Opened, because checkster abusing admin as he wants.
Also, he CAN'T close topic as being reported, otherwise forum is not working as needed.


as non admin that has no effect. Part of my prove so thanks.

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Sorry for locking the thread. 
But here is what I can update with, The kill command in console was a cheat command enabled by a plugin that was running on Ze, it was only available to a certain flag, but since I do not have the sp file for the plugin we used, I cant be sure if vips could do it to. I know you can get the sp file, but I do not know if the person who put the plugin there edited witch flag would have it. I know all admins did. 

I did put a stop to that exploit by adding a plugin, cause it was a quick fix, then ingame saw it and removed the plugin cause I did not tell him why I had it there and I placed it in the wrong folder, so he got mad. 

I was during the highway map talking with ingame about the plugin and the exploit, I was in and out from test to main. After a good long talk with ingame he understood why I had it the way I did. And just as I came back the people wher dying via the exploit, the only admin in spec that I saw was force, excluding my self. And I will exclude my self cause I dont teamkill via commands like that. 

Next map was ze_knifefun and I asked various other players who was in spec when it happened,  then I made the call to ban, and I made it a week, cause an admin exploiting is the worst. 

Someone else in the admin team had told me it was a admin only exploit so I looked into it. It was correct and I acted fast and removed it and banned force. 

The exploit can no longer be used so it all safe for now. As for the demotion that was purely other reasons. I have no problem with a unban now since its fixed and you are no longer admin. 

The plugin that was causing it is called admincheat and we dont need that plugin for anything. 





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