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Locked Batata pff


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not give special advantages????

running sideways gives:fast take item,trigger,overview in the crowd

rdsky_0 it helps to see lasers

infinite rebuy

everything depends on you loser

impossible to hit me ha ha ha)

learn to catch the moments

outwit the enemy is always possible

these team give enormous bonus and play becomes much easier I have experience in this game more than have you

it's about wanting to do something.


if it's easier for you to cry and complain that you can't do anything against me, that's your problem.

you just do what you whine.

what you write to me "beautiful words" is whining on your part, you whiner

these advantages are very good

who wants to simplify the game a little he is not lazy and looks what are the bonuses

all these commands can also be called a cheat but it only simplifies slightly the game

but these commands are not cheats and not the program I gave you examples

read what you wrote

you're embarrassing

card nomination can be done with one button someone wants another but does not have time

because one has a bind and the other does not have


because he is not lazy and set up a game and the other will cry I do not have time to nominate

here you are a real crybaby

start yourself to do something and it will be easier for you to play

do you understand now?

if you keep proving me wrong,,


either cry more or change

at this point, I can see you're just jealous and crying.

I'm the usual examples cited and the way it is

but you're gonna keep crying.)

change before it's too late

all these commands give a huge advantage and it's not cheats

someone will want and will discover these bonuses and someone will score a horse-radish and will whine

in this game physics is just at the edge of a dull

scout faster sideways faster bhop faster is such a physics game

the last update is left and no one will fix it

the fact is, you haven't really proven anything to me.

and I gave you a tiny sample of some examples.

so the fact that you wrote to me it's all empty words

either you do something or you don't do anything,but the worst part is when you get jealous and cry.


adequate will understand), that I mean in mind)

crybabies can only wish good luck and change yourself


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First of all, @Bolol this is not an okay way for you as admin to reply to a thread. I will talk to the other lead server admins about this


Second of all, this entire report is basically, paraphrased from your own words:

"Yes, I do use commands to gain an advantage of my opponents. But that is okay. They are just lazy to do it back" 


Just cause it is available or a feauture in the game engine, doesn't mean it is acceptable. Read my reply on your other thread about fair and unfair advantages. 


I have access to noclip, shall I just start using it whenever I want to get my solo wins? "It's a mechanics in the game engine - not cheat" 


Imagine if csgo pros used those commands in their competition. Do you think the hosts or valve would allow it? They would instantly be disqualified. 


Aimbot is also available for anybody to get. "Why are they so lazy to just download it". Your argument doesn't hold up because you only present it in your own context. Of course nobody else does it, they want to play honest and fair. They want to win by their earned advantages, not the unfair simple dirty ones. 


You just made a post where you further admit to the use of these and you expect us to have sympathy for it. I am sorry, but at some point we are not here to teach people logical thinking. People break rules or ruin gameplay for people all the time. And they always cry from the consequences. I once banned a person for knifing forward a zombie and killed the team and he cried and said that I discourage him from playing on the server by banning him and that a zombie knife is not that bad. 

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 Rin uses console commands. Which is not default settings on css. Those settings are not meant to be touched. Go to valve community and ask them to how to knife better. they'll tell u all illegal ways (Which they don't want to). Rin changes his default settings to dirty settings using console. Which is a great threat to the gameplay. No one can touch him.

Secondly Rin If you want to be a true professional player then learn this:


1st: Never play to be the top one.

2: Always play to enjoy.

3: Using console commands to just be the top player is like escaping from reality and being a kid who can't do anything or win.

Why do you think people use these commands? 

The Answer is yes, Cry babies like those who can't kill, jump, bhop, aim better.. always uses anything dirty to destroy the game play.


These are not my words. These are the words from the developer of a game named "Vindictus" 

And please Rin, Game  isn't just to show how badass you are. Game is for fun, making friends, go on adventures, meeting new people, Increase your vision and concentration skills. 

Above all of that you seek Destruction and hatred from players. If you think that you can be famous in no time to be the most "SKILLED" player on css then you are wrong. People will call you cheater,hacker, dirty player forever and then soon enough... you will loose your friends, your respect in game play. Let me ask you again: 


Is that what you want?

what do you play games for?

What is your purpose?

What will you gain from all those hatred? 


Rin, we all are humans. we all want to perfect. But humans aren't mean to perfect. we try try and keep trying until we are perfect in at least one thing. But nope. we still fail Example: lasers on a map. Pff there is no way that you are a god who can see future. 

Try to make a good reputation for yourself.

Look, we all from NiDE do not hate you or kill you or ban you. we want you to be our friend. A normal player, Show your true skills, Always respect players and admins. We aren't in a war to be honest. We are Players WHO play. Not Destroy ^_^

Best Regards from NiDE.

I wish you Good luck. @Rin

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