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To many Puerto Ricans


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Time and time again I have been promised free admin and VIP if I "epic solo" a map. 

Just today batatatatatatatatatatatatata promised me 3 years of free admin if I solo ZE_spacestationzz. When I proved him wrong, he denied my reward. 

Twice I have epic solo'd and the admins have not followed through with their rewards. This confirms all of the admins are lying Puerto Ricans. I have also promised sucki sucki time for VIP so I do believe that i am worthy of such an honor.


My demands are simple, Admin for Tex, deport the Puerta Ricans (especially Super_weedy) 


Side note...

WB: sh*t hopper (needs perma ban)

Ruby Rose: Noob Zombie (also secret lover)

Super Weedy: Puerta Rican (from France LMAO)

Batatatatatatatatatatatatatata: Lies about admin/VIP powers

GabaGhool: Gobbles Dicks

Lorder Vader: Out of the closet Racist 

Hobbiton: Actual good person 

Luffy: Usually confused 

Chewbacca: Obsessed with sucking out farts 

Life is a Bitch: Secretly in love with me

Yuri: Pretends to be Japanese but is actually from Puerta Rico 

Striker: Pretends to forget that he promised me admin

Akadir: Still recovering from my your mom joke

Jakesnowy: Works for statefarm

Counttab: The best NPC the world has to offer. I genuinely love you 


(Can confirm everyone above is 10/10 great)

Will continue to update as I remember people 


Application for admin 

Name: Tex

Age: 27

Occupation: XIXXXXXXX XXXXXXX (you wouldn't believe me anyway) 

Like: Super_Weedy, Vacations (not to Puerta Rico), Wifey

Dislike: sh*t hoppers, Puerta Ricans, Lasers 

Other: Looks good in the color blue

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  • Server Admin
55 minutes ago, MiaHeatPro said:

Tex: Claims he hates Puerto Ricans but is secretly one himeself....

Incorrect mr Ghoul 

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