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Закрыто Stone abuse


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1: Nuci
2: STEAM_1:1:2239334
3: Stone
4: CSS ze
5: mist
6: 7pm 30/3/2022
7: Wasn't shooting boss for aprox 10seconds and got slayed
8: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/demos/auto-20220330-173805-ze_mist_v1_3.dem.bz2


Please control these admins.. its absurd how normal this level of abuse has become

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  • Event Manager

Hello, thank you for the report.

Recently we have been talking a lot about the rule where people don't shoot at boss fights should be slayed.
Maybe Stone made a mistake and though that you haven't been shooting for some time or you didn't shoot at all.

We will check demo and talk about this.

Best regards.

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Hello Nuci, 

I guess there is no point explaining why I slayed you but I'll do it nontheless for the record. Slay occured because I was specing you for the past 20 secondes before it happened and I saw you without shooting during that time, as the rule specify, not shooting during boss fight is slayable if it's on purpose. But the truth is, you were indeed shooting since the begining as the demo shows, so you are right, my sanction wasn't justified, I cannot give you back the round you lost but I give you my apologies, feel free to accept them or not just know they are not fake. I got carried away by my will to make things right, it won't happen again.

Again, I am sorry.

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