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Event #18 - Welcome to Japan!


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  • Server Admin



Zombie Escape Event #18

28/07/2019 - 2 pm GMT+0

Welcome to Japan!

There are rumours that...
 During and after this event...
You will start watching Anime,
Listening to nightcore
And eating sushi with a smile on your face!

(Ok, maybe you will start talking japanese too...!)


Up to 10 Days of VIP to winners and... a special skin for 1 week

Event information:

  • We will play the following map(s):
    • ze_dragonball_snakeway_v1 (which you can download manually here)
    • ze_naruto_v2_6e (which you can download manually here
    • ze_otakuroom_v5_ 6fs (which you can download manually here
    • ze_Genso_Of_Last_b2 (which you can download manually here
    • ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_2fix (which you can download manually here
  • Time of the event: 28/07/2019 at 2 pm GMT+0
  • Special rules: Normal rules will apply during the event. Spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed. Rules will be enforced strictly in some of the maps, specially in the 2 versions of Genso.
  • Leader: Anyone willing.
  • Rewards: Up to 10 days of VIP to winners, considered this way: 
  • Winning dragonball gives you 1 day of VIP.
  • Winning LAST stage of naruto gives you 1 day of VIP
  • Winning LAST stage of otakuroom gives you 2 days of VIP.
  • Winning LAST stage of both genso's versions gives you 3 days of VIP for each one.
  • SKIN REWARD: Winning the last stage of one of the maps above, except for dragonball, will give you the skin below for 1 week!


Connect information:

  • Server:  Zombie Escape
  • IP:
  • Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group

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  • Server Admin
6 hours ago, ΣỚĐBorzτ✯ said:

thanks, Batatatatatatata!!!!  Yeah, it's anime map,, so gooooooood!!!  But S_A_M doesn't contain  lol .    I'm sad for that ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

S_A_M needs to be played alone on an event, it's a long and hard map ?

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20 минут назад, ShadowCreepy сказал:

To be honest otakuroom going to be hard.

ahahahah, u just haven't seen genso b2, u will sh*t as soon as u see it

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2 минуты назад, ShadowCreepy сказал:

Daamn, cant wait to see 0-10 like on totemo roka ?

i anticipate it will be 3-12, last time we played it on event without nades and rebuys but with excellent team 1 year ago it was 3-7 

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6 hours ago, Vasiliy Toxic Cunt said:

i anticipate it will be 3-12, last time we played it on event without nades and rebuys but with excellent team 1 year ago it was 3-7 

Haha, l hope we get a good team this time, and most importantly listen to a leader.

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Skin winners (1 week from now)
// Winners of skin Japan Event
".YuukiAsuna."                           STEAM_0:0:102890918      alive  human
"Batatatatatatatatata!!!"                STEAM_0:1:21820159       alive human
"Beast."                                 STEAM_0:0:239212771      alive  human
"Bolsonaro"                              STEAM_0:0:775915553      alive  human
"Borz"                                   STEAM_0:0:441869385      alive human
"Canserbero"                             STEAM_0:0:458506775      alive human
"DamiR"                                  STEAM_0:0:50724955       alive  human
"DANNYYWW"                               STEAM_0:1:18499463       alive human
"Darkfire"                               STEAM_0:1:20898157       alive  human
"EN CHAIR ET EN SHIT"                    STEAM_0:1:34757686       alive human
"ESQU026"                                STEAM_0:1:431413697      alive human
"fup"                                    STEAM_0:0:38754764       alive  human
"Ginko"                                  STEAM_0:0:1954900475     alive human
"Gl1tch'"                                STEAM_0:1:185769464      alive human
"Godspeed"                               STEAM_0:0:104069048      alive  human
"Green Curry"                            STEAM_0:1:229098423      alive human
"Halmsiwa"                               STEAM_0:0:505296309      alive human
"hamoudatorsgg[Muslim And Proud]"        STEAM_0:0:1599944971     alive  human
"HeeChan"                                STEAM_0:1:183225255      alive  human
"Henry"                                  STEAM_0:0:418102621      alive  human
"High Plains Drifter"                    STEAM_0:1:3866085        alive human
"hubcap"                                 STEAM_0:0:16496974       alive human
"Lbsjke"                                 STEAM_0:0:312914256      alive human
"Life Is a BiTch"                        STEAM_0:0:6040820        alive human
"LowParty"                               STEAM_0:1:150507906      alive human
"Luke"                                   STEAM_0:0:161265777      alive human
"Mivec"                                  STEAM_0:0:177348910      alive human
"Monkey D Luffy In Wano Kingdom"         STEAM_0:1:29141867       alive human
"Moray"                                  STEAM_0:0:84323061       alive human
"Nox!T"                                  STEAM_0:1:28802848       alive human
"Oggy"                                   STEAM_0:1:501196945      alive human
"Panic"                                  STEAM_0:0:154544327      alive human
"pc"                                     STEAM_0:0:1486499374     alive  human
"selfish"                                STEAM_0:0:10292098       alive human
"ShadowCreepy"                           STEAM_0:0:187018106      alive  human
"Shinanigan Lord"                        STEAM_0:0:14892715       alive  human
"SuPer.WeeDy #Champion"                  STEAM_0:0:11140292       alive human
"The Masked Pelican"                     STEAM_0:1:17591126       alive human
"Toxic-Variolle"                         STEAM_0:1:12106996       alive  human
"unknown"                                STEAM_0:0:203409050      alive human
"Valkosipulimies"                        STEAM_0:0:63095387       alive human
"Vasiliy Toxic Cunt"                     STEAM_0:0:4413733        alive human
"Voice_enable 0"                         STEAM_0:1:23343880       alive  human
"V POISKAH GOBLINOV"                     STEAM_0:1:63737298       alive human
"yaga"                                   STEAM_0:0:196910335      alive  human
"YM"                                     STEAM_0:1:228647029      alive human
"[Nit]nenroK<"                           STEAM_0:1:37851146       alive  human

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