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Locked Impersonation report

Lord Vader

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  • Server Admin

1. Lord Vader
2. STEAM_0:1:68021267
3. Sans From Facebook
4. STEAM_0:0:649544681
5. Zombie Escape CSS
6. Incident started on Ze_random_v10
7. Started at/around 11:47 PM EDT
8. We switched off of helm's deep, and I thought sans was taking a while to load in. 3-4 minutes after the map changed though, he comes in the server, claiming to be CountTab, while the real guy is still in the server.
9. Still dunno how to record demos on CSS, but I do have a screenshot of the fake's profile if that would help.

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  • Event Manager

Hello, thank you for the report.

I have no idea how to answer this so i will just say that player you reported maybe tried to pull out a prank or something using CountTab name.
He is known to come to the server and say "RTV this map, RTV". I guess someone though it was funny and tried it too.

Case closed!

Best regards.

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