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Locked NIDE ADMINS are toxic

aaa mohmmued

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1: Your own ingame name: aaa mohmmued
2: Your own steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:148662037
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: HA
4: What server did it happen on: ZE
5: What map: ze lucid dreams
6: Time and date: today 
7: Explain the situation: the guy litrly slay me coz he THOUGHT I "GLITCHED"
8: Proof: 

the resolution you seek? removed from the admin team this guy is not experienced at all the action he made was because he THOUGHT ( he assumed i glitched) I did a glitch shows how he doesn't suit the admin team plus his toxic behavior and insults to me make him one of the worst people to be in the admin team and I hope the management do something about this kind of admins also this isn't the first time it happens to me some other admin called sticky eban me for something I haven't done I just hope you do something about this kind of people like giving them big punishment because admin ship isn't something to f*ck around with.

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Hello aaa mohmmued,

Let's explain what really happened now.
First round everything was going well until the player Rin glitched the spot at that cubes part, you even typed to him "to move" in the chat when he was lennying, then I asked him why he glitched when I had just unbanned him for an accidental knife that resulted by killing the whole team in the previous map. You typed in the chat "stfu HA" while I did not talk to you. I've ignored you.

Then in the second round, you were still mad about something that does not even involve you. On the cubes part, there were 3 humans glitching the spot, I was aiming at them from spectator but couldn't check their nicknames for some reason I don't know. I simply thought you were part of them as you watched Rin last round. So I slayed you.

I'm sorry for the wrong slay but not for the insults. Do not expect respect when you are not respectful yourself.


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