Event #25 - The Doors of Olympus

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Zombie Escape Event #25

25/08/2019 - 2 pm GMT+0

The Doors of Olympus

Located somewhere in Olympus
A monumental palace designed by the gods contain many secrets.
The 3 imponent doors that exist in the palace
Remain unlocked for centuries!
Will men reveal enough courage to find what is behind those doors?
We will soon find out!


Up to 12 Days of VIP to winners and... a special skin for 1 week!

Event information:

  • We will play the following map(s):
    • ze_necromanteion_v3_1s_fix (which you can download manually here)
  • Time of the event: 25/08/2019 at 2 pm GMT+0
  • Special rules: Normal rules will apply during the event. Spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed. Since this is an hard map, all the rules will be enforced strictly. 
  • Leader: @Batata
  • Rewards: Up to 12 days of VIP to winners, considered this way: Map is composed by 3 stages. 
  • Winning stage 1 gives you 3 days of VIP
  • Winning stage 2 gives you 3 days of VIP.
  • Winning stage 3 gives you 6 days of VIP.
  • Also, you will be rewarded with the skin right below for 1 week if you win the last stage!


Connect information:

  • Server:  Zombie Escape
  • IP:
  • Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group

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Winners have been rewarded with VIP.

Skin reward will be given soon.

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Skin winners:
# 1892     "KuMa"                                   STEAM_0:0:1414187403     alive human

# 1699     "Vasiliy"                                STEAM_0:0:4413733        alive human

# 1716     "Beast."                                 STEAM_0:1:182849280      alive human

# 1783     "teebee"                                 STEAM_0:1:51324179       alive human

# 1737     "Canserbero"                             STEAM_0:0:458506775      alive human

# 1922     "Reshuu"                                 STEAM_0:0:51638402       alive human

# 1865     "Shiz0"                                  STEAM_0:0:14070521       alive human

# 1714     "Batatatatatatatatata!!!"                STEAM_0:1:21820159       alive human

# 1731     "ShreddeR"                               STEAM_0:0:29090504       alive human

# 1858     "Alcolo Oasis"                           STEAM_0:0:47592795       alive human

# 1584     "Drader"                                 STEAM_0:0:6139679        alive human

# 1901     "Coth"                                   STEAM_0:1:204878735      alive human

# 1882     "RIP RIP RIP"                            STEAM_0:0:1306230847     alive human

# 1791     "El Maricas (Broken Keyboard)"           STEAM_0:0:770520746      alive human

# 1928     "Backup"                                 STEAM_0:0:33493806       alive human

# 1751     "selfish"                                STEAM_0:0:10292098       alive human

# 1875     "[S|*|I|*|L|*|V|*|E|*|R]"                STEAM_0:1:7378118        alive human

# 1661     "Soda Drink Soft"                        STEAM_0:1:229098423      alive human

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  • Posts

    • Imo it was abuse. If the lead admins do not agree i am ofcourse fine with that. I'm not gonna start a discussion with players when this is the section for reporting admins. Day definetly not ruined, and i hope both of you still have a good evening. Waiting for higher ups before i comment any more.
    • We know you have your own agenda Klixus but looks like a Judas move to rob someone's admin for listening to the people. An admin's main task I assume? Rocklee himself doesn't like Mako but cares more about the server's current flow. You just talk about rules when it suits you, but lets talk about it anyway. There are a billion ching chong modes added noone cares about on the server yet you make it impossible to revote the original last mode? (Ex2 should be revotable). But since this is the current decision for Mako we can assume Mako isn't finished at all which makes sense cuz the server sticks to a stable 64/64 after ex2 is beaten so we go beat other modes. Imagine adding modes to a map to beat and then calling it abuse (almost like he ruined your entire day) just to beat some other modes on a map that weren't even beaten yet. Is extending for stage 6 port royal (which is added by community) also abuse?  People were having a good time on the map. Wish you could enjoy it as much as the rest of us.
    • the last extend that was 10 min was 60% and the second time it won so clearly this is just about what you want and not the majority wants.
    • Joke or not, it's still abuse. Also the majority clearly did not want it when your last extend failed, yet you did another extend vote and extendmap despite the majority not wanting it. And it says a lot when a mako vote fails with that many laser fags present 😄
    • Me making a joke in mic taken seriously by a dramaqueen like yourself klixus this is just ridicilous, i even wrote in chat earlier that i myself dont even like mako or to play it, but the majority wanted to extend and win the last modes.