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Locked nice abuse


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1: Your own ingame name - Mivec
3: Name of the admin(s) involved - Henry
4: What server did it happen on - Css ze 
5: What map - ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3
6: Time and date - 9/9/2019
7: Explain the situation - I call henry an idiot , he gags me permanently for some reason , after pasas questions his decision in perma-gagging me , he ungags me like 5 minutes later. Oh and , he taunted me right after he gagged me , saying "report me to get ungagged" or some bullsh*t. Second screenshot - Yudi knifes and gets henry killed. Henry bans Yudi for an hour when it should've been half an hour. Says "He purposely knifed me" "Hard rules on mako". Refuses to change the ban length even after being told by pasas to do so. Point is , why in the f*ck is henry still admin? He brings nothing at all to the server. In fact , he's been known to slay prematurely when the round was still winnable / banning for BS etc. and on top of all that , he's garbage at ze. Time to remove this idiot as admin @lead admins.
8: Proof - https://imgur.com/a/n7G2YS3

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Rules on mako map same other maps as well we have talked with Heny  about ban lengths issued in the admin guidelines should be the same as any other map  30 min / 1 hr / 2hrs .... etc

@Henryyou MUST follow the rules that in admins guidelines no need to say "mako has different rules" , dont gag perma for a player just called you an idiot you can use self mute ( !sm >player name <)if needed if the player didnt stop and start to spamming gag gim for 1 - 30 if needed  this what written in Players harrasing others part . if "harassment continues - warn then gag for [1-30min]"

 also dont ban player for 1 hr for his first ban it should be 30 min  , yes mako sometimes bring trollers we know that   but we try as possible that mako has the same rules as other maps

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Not the first time henry's pulled this kinda sh*t off but sure lets just keep going with the "you must follow the admin guidelines" trick , I'm sure that'll work out nicely.


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its not a trick we keep saying to admins so they can remember the rules 

any player must know that he will receive a temporary   gag if he keep insulting or harassing others after warning ofc that what written in the rules 

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