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Locked Unban appeal


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In-Game Name: MMRandy
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1775601333
Banned by:anwar
Server: Zombie Escape :: NiDE.GG :: Rank|FastDL|SSD

Reason: Boosting zms with awp

proof: Unbanned me Beacuse this is unfair and you don't understand what happened we was playing ze_LOTR_Helms_Deep_v5 map and last round i bought awp like always i do i standed far from my team waiting the zombie but the zombie is already forward trying to infect humans  but they was shoting the zombie i tried to protect them  and i've shote him in head and he flayed away forward and he killed them all  and  i aplogzied for that its only mistake i don't desrve banned 2 days

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