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Locked rtv for toaster and raccoon.


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Time to get serious.

I just noticed I got an extended silence for a month which is not cool. I just wanna nom good maps and chat with the boys man. Also to lead on toaster. That is all. If you really want me to ride out my 1 week silence, then I will. Signing in and out of alts is too much work, also the admins never give a f*ck when I talk, except some admins that still have some hurt feelings. so, I'm willing to compromise here. Lets not be nazis now. I learned now that Revan doesn't take words said through a dead game too kindly. So watch what you say ladies and gentlemen. (yeah there's only 2 genders f**got and no you can swap.)

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Time to get serious.

If you could for even one day not be a toxic player, I bet things would work out better for you in the long run. But you're infamous for being toxic and trolling nominations. 

The fact that you create multiple/use multiple alt accs shows you don't care for gameplay or rules apparently.
If it wasn't for the fact that you weren't as toxic as you were when I first gave that 1 week, I wouldn't have extended it to 1 month.
Multiple mutes, gags, you name it usually results in longer punishments next time.

And since you used alts to avoid being silenced (not being able to use mic or chat), that meant the original punishment was increased.
Why is your alts permanently silenced? Because by the end of the day, they are only alt accounts, they're not your main account.

As I've said numerous times, I want people to follow the rules we have set out for players to follow. They are really simple to follow and go by. For everyone to have a fun time playing on the server.

End of story.

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