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Opinions on laser maps?


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I know laser maps are kinda controversial, so I wanna hear your takes on lasers in maps. Personally they kinda suck for me because of my high ping and the fact that they make games unwinnable most of the time when people pass laser sections, but I think they are interesting because they reward players who have skill in jumping and timing and makes it a rewarding task if you manage to complete a laser section. Sooo I just wanna hear your takes on these types of maps.

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Some lasers maps are generally overrated and too much lasers seems to destroy gameplay specially after 7 - 9 minutes of gameplay and just to end up losing a round because of a simpel laser.

But yea I agree it is rewarding for the ones who wins it.

I do not mind laser maps myself as I was a "mako fag once" but I prefer to play defending maps and maps with great teamwork as I feel like they are more rewarding in the very end because more people gets to feel the same satisfied feeling when winning together.

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I like lasers, but I don't like some of the maps that MAKE you do lasers.

Maps where some of the team can defend, like alien shooter for example, let people who want to do lasers do them, and people who don't want lasers can defend.

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Team win is better than solo win.

and which laser I like is only rushB one cuz even if you failed, when other teammate made it, then all humans can go next. (but next surf is suck)

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Some laser maps do it well and are still popular today but others that have tricky offliner-style ones fade into the background. A good example is Mako Reactor. The lasers are a simple concept but a challenge at the same time. You have a time limit with the closing door but also the threat of zombies which adds to the experience. A lot of maps throw zombies to the side where it's created a culture of going to spectate or AFK. During the time PIVO was still around, often he would have to force players from spectate back to the zombie team as there was only 1-2 zombies.


Uchiha Legacy Stage 4 has a similar concept. The lasers aren't relatively hard but you have the zombies threat behind you so using items sparingly or even during the lasers is a must in order to survive. Stage 3 however is the exact opposite with the entire team dispanding and being a free for all, usually a few players reaching the end and items being selfish. Teamwinning this stage is actually incredibly fun, even if you fail at the ball stage. The threat of zombies looming. This brings me to another point about the community but that is off-topic. Laser maps can be good if people would stop going for "solo wins" by teamkilling (with items, or not shooting). Just a rather silly circle jerk to show their friends screenshots, in reality nobody really cares. A video would be entertaining but then we would see them knifing out and teamkilling so it means nothing.

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