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Locked Unban Appeal

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  1. ➥ Your own ingame name;Trashcanistan
  2. ➥ Your own Steam-ID;STEAM_0:0:31249452
  3. ➥ Name of the admin(s) involved;Lord Vader
  4. ➥ Steam-ID of the admin(s) involved; IDK
  5. ➥ What server did it happen; Zombie Escape ● NiDE.GG ● Rank|FastDL|SSD
  6. ➥ What map did it happen; ze_priates_port_royal_v3_6
  7. ➥ Time and date; 2022-07-01 08:53:01
  8. ➥ Explain the situation; Zombie got behind everyone and tried to knife him away. I think the admin thought i was responsible for all the initial kills. Yeah i know its only an hour but I really hate getting banned for trying to save team.
  9. ➥ Proof; In this Youtube Video
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