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Locked Sans From Facebook got his feelings hurt.


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  1. ➥ Your own ingame name; -Chewbacca-Tac0-
  2. ➥ Your own Steam-ID; I'm not sure atm..
  3. ➥ Name of the admin(s) involved; Sans From Facebook
  4. ➥ Steam-ID of the admin(s) involved; don't know it?
  5. ➥ What server did it happen;Zombie Escape CSS
  6. ➥ What map did it happen; not sure it was yesterday.
  7. ➥ Time and date; 04:07:59 07/015/2022
  8. ➥ Explain the situation; Sans got butt hurt because I said something to him he didn't like and instead of giving me a waring or telling me to stop, he hits me with a gagg/silence for 5min.. ok fair enough punishment, still don't think I should have gotten it, so when I did become unmuted. I came back to the server, and yeah il admit I came back and said some rude things back again, for muting me and then I left. Then I come back, I didn't say a word to him and he gaggs me for a week.. saying I'm toxic and avoided mute?? 🤨 I didn't avoid mute I left and came back like a half hour later.
  9. ➥ Proof; ask Nova about it.
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  • Server Admin

Hello Chewbacca 


Im trying to help you but..


  1. ➥ Proof; ask Nova about it.

is not much to go with next time please provide the info we ask. In the meantime 1 week is indeed to much u are unsilinced. i wil talk with sans in the meantime next time please dont try to trigger an admin xd 

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