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Locked Nuuka9 Application!

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1: Your name 2: What server you wish to administrate 3: Previous experience 4: Reason for applying 5: Other things that we might need to know about you
1: Nuuka9
2: NIDE.GG Zombie Escape server
3: Bought admin to NIDE ZE for one month, been an admin in a finnish css sauna server. I have been playing ZE actively since 2011
4: I want to help to keep NIDE alive and well as a proper community without any abuse and bullying. I also want to help other players as much as i can at troubleshooting ingame, forum and discord if you guys will set one up?
5: My name is Mikko. 20 years old From Finland, easy to get along with. I speak Finnish as my native language, i also speak almost perfect english (with rallyenglish accent ofc because im finnish ^.^)
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4 hours ago, LmntriX said:

@Nuuka9 Hey Nuuka9, yes @Lefarnois going to set the Discord up for this Community.


I will talk with batat about your Application to become an Admin on NIDE.

As we have talked in Discord you seem mature, responsible and trustful.

from my perspective you can start as a trial admin for few days or weeks. 

I will talk with Batata about that later!

Im looking forward to welcome you in our TEAM.

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Dear Nuuka9 me and Bataa decided we would like to see how you are as an admin on the server.

You are accepted for being an Trial Admin.

Show us that you can be a good recruit!



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