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Locked nice abuse


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1: Your own ingame name - Mivec
2: Your own steam-ID -
3: Name of the admin(s) involved - Henry
4: What server did it happen on - css ze
5: What map - cosmo v1 / knife fun
6: Time and date - 27/10/19 / 28/10/19
7: Explain the situation - On cosmo v1 , henry dies and I say "sh*thead down" no names nothing , of course I did mean to direct to him but he assumes it was to him the moment I said it. Bear in mind , the chat was f*cking crazy or so I remember as it WAS  cosmo. A second or so later , he gags me for a day. I get pissed and message some people about it but I just decided to just say whatever essentially and just wait out the gag. A day later after some odd conversation with henry on discord , anwar messages me and says he deleted the ban I got from henry for inflating a couple weeks or so ago along with the 1 day gag. A little while later , henry gags me again on rocket escape ( I think? ) saying " [SourceComms++] Henry: Issued an extended gag on Mivec for 500 minutes (reason: Ungaging without permissions.). ". I PM anwar about it he says he'll check it out. On knife fun , the gag gets removed. After a minute or so of me being ungagged , I get gagged by console for 480 minutes. Cant be bothered to check the reason. Some other stupid sh*t happened before , after and between these events of course but I cant be bothered to list them. 
8: Proof - The demo of cosmo v1 on 27/10/19 , the demo of knife fun today. 

White knights incoming?

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Im not sure if im allowed to post here even if im not part of the case? But heres proof of the chatbox showing henry gagging mivec again in rocket escape https://imgur.com/a/iTXBJAe Delete my post if im not part of the case.

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

after the recent events (rules for gaging / muting not respected, kicking admins without good(s) reason(s) and refusal to follow the decisions of the hierarchy (re-gagging Mivec 2 times after Anwar removed it)), we decided to freeze Henry’s admin for 1 week, it is not final but we are in the idea that it could be if Henry did not respect the fixed rules again.
-I will pay attention to the next behavior of you Mivec towards Henry and I will not fail to remind him u if u abuses the situation.

we are a community of players, passionate and sometimes, there may be littiges between players / admins. Nevertheless, let's not forget one thing, the work of an admin is far from easy and from time to time bad decisions can be taken under anger.
We hurt without moving. We poison without touching. We bear the truth and the lies.But we are not to be judged by our  size.What are we?
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Given so many chances whenever he f*cks up from the time he slayed zero on Lila to the time on dreamin v2 to today - “time to time bad decisions can be taken under anger” 


sure sure , demote him for a week. Given his record of being totally submissive to authority ( kicking admins from spectate when specifically told not to ) I’m sure he’ll 100% learn from this sh*t show and become a proper admin.

this is why unloze is better :yeet:

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