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Admins differences


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Hello everyone! 

So i noticed there is 4 types of admins (Lead Server Admin - Server Admin - Trial Admin - Donated Admin), and i wanted to know what are the differences, well explained if possible, of all those types. I know lead server admin have the final word in accepting admin apps for example, but i dont think thats all... and I haven't read all topics in forums but still wanted to ask just in case i miss something.
Also how admin apps works? someone just go to nide.gg go to forums and apply for admin? or have to go through some kind of training or maybe admins suggest him to go and apply for admin?

Thanks in advance to everyone who reply 🙂

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Hi Aton

There is 3 main admin groups being "trial admin" "Server admin" "Lead server admin" and donated admin isnt considered a part of the admin team therefore they arent in staff chats on the discord server.

Trial admin
Is a period which is applied to someone who have recently applied to ether ZR or ZE which then are accepted. However they are not part of admin team completly but their in a testing phase which lasts around 1 - 2 month max after that you will be ether promoted or demoted depending on your activity or what kind of admin related commands which you have done in trying to make the server better. This also includes how well you comminucate with others etc.

In short terms its a training phase for becoming an admin

While trial admin also have fewer commands compared to lsa and admin. However they would still have more access than donated admins.

Server admin
Once you get accepted from trial admin your next group would be server admin which kinda is a permanent group if no abuse happens or being insanely inactive. Its basically just a regular admin who is part of the team.  Server admin is also a place where higher ups like me or lsas and sometimes server managers too suggests a new lsa within the admins who have done amazing and no mistakes done. However not everyone will become lsa.

A lot more commands than trial and donated

Lead server admin

Being a lead server admin is a special role as you basically have your own server console with rcon access therefore also the more trusted people in this group. It is also the ones who have the final say when talking about admin applications. However all admin applications are validated from everyone in high area which have their say.

Lsas are also the ones who manage regular admins and trial admins when they are accepted or not. They also check who is active and who is not. This group also deals with reports.

Lsa is not an easy role to have as it can be very stressful as you constantly gotta think neutral on behaviors for players etc. It is also a position which you will have to be more active than a regular admina and be much comminucative becuase of how much information that are shared each day within the high up area.

I hope this clarifies some things

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Omg tysm!!! This helps a lot it really does, now i know each admin has his own role in the comunity and how all works. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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  • Developer
On 8/20/2022 at 11:53 AM, shepherd said:

so the lead server admin chosen by the server manager ?

Yes, with Management and Server Manager.

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