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Locked Hope - Abose or personal agenda


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1: Your own ingame name: ChivasPL -  i was using (3)BAD NAME while playing on the server.
2: Your own steam-ID:  STEAM_0:1:79535030
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: Hope
4: What server did it happen on : ZE
5: What map: Westersand v7
6: Time and date: 17/11/2019 
7: Explain the situation: On first stage i used earth on lure and killed 2 people with it but i used that in team defence and noone was complaining. The second item i had was fire on stage 2 which i was using correctly but doorhugged with it at the end because im laser fag. On stage 3 i picked up holy and we died later on boss. I believe you could argue that we died because i didnt use it but electro trimmed 6 people by not using it so dont blame me and its not a spot to use holy anyway. Next stage i had spawned as zm and picked up warp, at elevator i got ebanned for 24 hours. When  i asked Hope by private message he answered that im trolling without giving any examples.
8: Proof: Ask people who were on the server and watch demo.



129300-When boss fight started i asked him in private message in game why im ebanned.
Then he repiled that im pissing him of
132500*SPEC* ☂❤ Hope : c u troll on puropose
134900 *SPEC* ☂❤ Hope : cuz u troll on purpose on chiva - when you answear generally to specific question by not explaining anything
*SPEC* ☂❤ Hope : previous round
After that he started to ignore other admins which were asking him for reason of eban in admin chat and was unnable to reach in order to communicate.


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