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Zombie Revival mapping contest - 2022


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General information

Hi everyone
We have decided to announce a community Zombie Revival mapping contest this year. All the information which you need can be found below this message. This mapping contest is for everyone so you don't have to be a good mapper to enter.

In order to see the channel for where you can submit your map first add Map Contest role to yourself (click the link) Discord section and head to #mapping-contest. In your submission message ping Hobbitten#8693 which then the map would be saved however if you find errors / bugs and you want to send a new bsp file go ahead and ping again. If a map is submitted late it will not be judged.

You can use any file-sharing sites where we can download the map. "Google Drive, uploadwork, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Zippyshare etc" there are many options.

An Example
Contest map @Hobbitten#8693
map link

Prize pool
You can ether claim this on ZE or ZR however store credits are for ZR only
1. 50 euro, 2 month personal skin of your choice, 2 month vip, 30k store credits
2. 20 euro, 1 month personal skin of your choice, 1 month vip, 20k store credits
3. 10 euro, 2 month vip, 10k store credits

The mapping contest length - 2 weeks
Starts 09-09-2022 - when posted
Ends   23-09-2022 - 22:00 French time

You can check the time yourself on this link
Contest countdown

Cave location
Underwater base
Mountain location
Snow locations
Space / aliens

Map play area must be small to medium sized.
Fast action.
Good camping spots.
Must include the custom banner which is provided for the contest.
Map size must be below 70mb or close to it. As we do not want too large maps.
Map must be a full new VMF file and you are not allowed to copy from other maps.

What we will judge on
Map details
If the map actually follows a theme which is listed above
If the map actually lives up to the requirements which are set above
If the map provides a good gameplay when playtested

How to install the banner which is provided
1. Download the 2 files "VMT" "VTF"
2. Create a folder inside materials and name it "banner"
3. Now place the 2 files provided inside cstrike\materials\banner
4. Restart hammer and it will work :slight_smile:

How to claim your prize
Money prizes will be sent through paypal
Store credits will be given by Hobbitten ingame
To claim your personal skin use 1 of the following websites below and send Hobbitten the skin link.

contest_banner.vmt contest_banner.vtf

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19 minutes ago,  Malala  said:

just gonna reupload nemesis nide and call it zr and consider it a day

Well that wouldnt live up to the requirements which are set.

"Map must be a full new VMF file and you are not allowed to copy from other maps."

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