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Locked Maels Lafnegal's Application

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1: Your name: Maels Lafnegal
2: What server you wish to administrate: Zombie Escape
3: Previous experience: In a old times, i was already admin on NiDe, not only that, but i'm actually was the only admin on 
NiDe ZE CSGO (yeah, there was NiDe's CSGO ZE server) and helped InGame with that a lot, but unfortunaly, server was closed. 
4: Reason for applying: Now that Pivovaric is gone, i think it's time to take situation in our hands and flip chessboard around.
5: Other things that we might need to know about you: First of all, i'm playing CSS since 2013-2014 i think, when there was servers like pF, GFL, Hellz, i3D
and etc. Therefore, i hope you will not ask about my competence in that matter. 
I had my own servers, like CSGO Surf which was always 32/32, CSGO Dust 2 which too was always 32/32, have a experience as administator on other projects (can't remember their actual names, because that was a long time ago). 
Have a good ideas for interesting events on the maps. Also, have a good amount of free time to help you and other players make NiDe great again.
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Dear Mael Lafnegal  me and  Batat decided we would like to see how you are as an admin on the server.

You are accepted for being an Trial Admin.

Show us that you can be a good recruit!

Welcome to NIDE!

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