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Locked Report a player for racism


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1: Majin
2: STEAM_0:0:85283347
3: Speedy
4: STEAM_0:0:192582348
5: ZE
6: Shroomforest
7: 29/11, 11h30
8: I was playing on ze when a guy "Speedy"  insulted another player and said "I Hope u die like muslims in new zealand" i have a screen of that. 

Hope was on serv at that moment  when i told him to do his job he muted me .. Well if u can do something about Speedy Thx 

I know that sometimes there are racist jokes on the server but it is clearly too much !

9: Screen shot 

Idk how to insert my screen. 

Have a nice day.

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Hi @Majin,

I agree with you that his behavior is innateptable. On the server many people insult religions. But we know it's more to "laugh" than anything else. in this case this is nothing funny but only pure hatred. I also ask a punishment for this player.

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3 minutes ago, William! ? said:

@EN CHAIR ET EN sh*t It would be a great action and a step forward of you as a trial admin to punish this player yourself. After all, this will be your job to do when promoted : D 

Hi @William! :D,

I do not have the rights to ban the guy. However I can handle the mute if the complaint is accepted by LSA. The real question for me is : Do we need to punish against "hard racist insults" that are not funny or no ?

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

Hello Majin,

Racism and harassment in the chat are really subjective, so it’s difficult for me to judge the situation because I wasn’t in game at this moment. Also we doesn’t really have rules against « racism » but I really think u felt it like an harassement.

Actually, if a player  « harrass » u in chat or mic, u can !sm « target » to self mute him in chat +mic.

if he is harrassing about religion,  skin color,others reasons... and some players are complaining about it, then admin should warn him to stop and then gag him if he doesn’t stop.

@Hope인생이다 I trust in your judgement but I don’t understand why u muted Majin when he complained about Speedy’s harassement, if a player is complaining about another player because « harassement » suggest him to do !sm « « target »

hope my answer’ll help u.

thx for ur report. 

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