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Locked Admin abuse


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Tonight, player called Donald J Trump abused of admin power to delete all my props any 2 or 3 seconds to reach my place and kill me.
When i joined to spec he returned me on team and teleporting me to the base of the map to kill me, i think mad cause i killed him some times before doing this.
For 2 or 3 maps it was pretty impossible to play, any time i was on some place, he deleted my props and he teleported to me to kill me.

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  • CS:S ZR Server Manager


the player in question is not even an admin so the incident doesn't involve any usage of admin commands. Just to clear up some things I checked the demo from this map in your screenshot and your props were deleted by the plugin itself because you put them in invalid location. However you are right that he teleported you once but it was with a map item, not with admin commands whatsoever. 

Closed as void.


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