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Vip = Special space ?


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Hello, been a while that i'm playing on the server nide, but never create an account bc though that i didn't need it (by a while, i talk more than 5 year but i forgor) i wanted to be vip but i don't see any option "vip" only donate and i just want to be VIP, also when the server is full, can VIP still enter ? like it remove a player that isn't vip or something like that ? Been a while that haven't played css, and want to come back on ^^'

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Vips don't have a reserved slot.

To buy vip you need to press donate and put in your steamid. To find your steamid you can join the server and do !steamid and it will show in the chat or if your steam account is linked with the server you can just press " Use Linked Steam Account". If you are a no steamer then uncheck the "steam user" box.

You then click on the Vip perk on the left. The smallest amount you can donate is 1 euro which is would be 10 days ( Note that the amount will be slightly higher do the pay pal fees ). Then you can choose what server you would like to have vip on.

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4 hours ago, Aphy said:

btw quick question, do you know how to fix that ? and also how people do thing like !tmp from just using a key ? ^^' i type verythingspacer.png

that something in map only mapper can fix + use binds go to console and type ' bind anykey "say !tmp im g*y" ' ez as that

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Ok the g*y part must be important, and has a help i'll gonna add the g*y part has a signature for u. also does it work for use like 2 key for same function ? i want to use space for jump but had it already for downwheel so i have just to put "bind space jump" or is it different for action like that ? (i really want to comeback stronger in ze) i even take the admin subcription even if i don't know how it work lol

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How come you missed that?

VIP status doesn't grant you a reserved slot even though players have been asking for it for a long time. You get access to a few skins that get you 120 hp on some maps, colored chat, 17 seconds of use with NiDE TV, a longer immunity to the AFK system and that's about it as far as I can tell.
But the perk you have bought (donadmin) gives you a reserved slot. For that, you must type in the console connect and it will randomly kick someone in spectators if the server is full. You can also check the admin section where you will find all the commands you can use as a donadmin if it is still up.

I also noticed that some textures are broken on ze_jurassicpark_winter_v3, I don't know what are the changes in this version but these textures were fine in ze_jurassicpark_winter_v2. You can't do much about it.

You can bind 2 keys to the same action, in your case:
bind mwheeldown +jump
bind space +jump

Some other binds that might be useful:
bind drop; sm_p90
bind drop; sm_tmp
bind sm_kevlar
bind sm_hide
bind sm_he

And so on

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