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Закрыто random bans

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Your own ingame name - mikroshka

Your own Steam-ID -   [U:1:1218664418]

Name of the admin(s) involved -   Lardy

Steam-ID of the admin(s) involved; not sure

What server did it happen - ze escape

What map did it happen - dont really remember

Time and date - todate

Explain the situation - i was playing with m249 while shooting at zombies and all of a sudden i got banned for aimbot reason, was is accidental or something??

Proof - what happend??

Изменено пользователем mikroshka
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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

hello mikroshka,

here is the vidéo when me (and some other players) suspected you to use an aimbot, effectively, after that i watched the demo
i can say now that it wasn't but the way you aim (that is not natural) and how your screen is moving when you are shooting zombies make me think that you probably using a triggerbot or an aim assist maybe both.

i will talk to my team to decide if yes or no the ban will be removed or will stay.

have a nice day.



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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

Re @ mikroshka , well, me and the team decided that the ban will stay since that, obviously, you cheated. i also recevied, from some players, complains and proofs that you was banned from some other servers for cheating too. On Nide we don't take decisions for what you did on another server but i warn you, actually the ban lenght is 3 days, the next time, if you flagged again for cheating the ban duration will be increased and could be permanent if you keep cheating on the server.

Have a nice day.

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