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Locked french


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Lsa life is a bitch, knifed me on paranoid. He has also scammed me of the 4 euros that worked super hard for at pizzahut. I donated 4 euros for my little brother on his nosteam account called "ftb" and I was told that the account i have donated to was on some banned donated admin list. I have asked multiple admins about this and none has responded, it seems like they are just here for the money. Might as well just play on unloze even though is completely f*cking dead. Another thing I would like to report on is the fact that there are so many french admins, too many to be in fact it seems like they only accept french admins which is racist and clownface would of fixed nide. refund my 4 euros or i will post big black cocks in #general of the nide.gg discord no joke. 

he map was paranoid tick 0 - 152313. also, this is what french people eat 24/7 absolutely disgusting 





bread 2.jpg



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