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Locked Bishop117 Admin Application


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Your Name and Age. (Remember that you can only apply if you're 18+ )
 Bishop - 27
Your Discord UserName: (aF! mohamed. #1906 for example) 

STEAM_0 and which server you applying for ( ZE-CSS/CSGO or ZR-CSS ) :

Zombie Escape - Counter Strike Source (ZE-CSS)

How long are you playing CSS ?
 Currently 1793 hours and I would say probably for at least 12-13 years? Or more I cant remember. Most of my hours of source was on zombie escape. I used to be addicted to the korean sonakize ze server. I even played in class while my teacher was talking, very fun times.

You will need minimun of 72h of connection time (3 days)
I think I have 3 days and 8 hours.

Needs a minimun of 1+ players and 3+ admins to get approved + Lead admins will have the final word.

Why do you think we should take you into the team? What knowledge do you have, what is important for you ON a server or in the community?
 So its easier to read ill put into point form.

1. Patient and Empathetic, I make it a point to try to understand both sides of the story if there's an issue; pointing out any negatives and positives on both sides. So in this sense I consider myself a fair person when it comes to making decisions.

2.Community to me honestly just means having a fun time together and helping each other out. This also extends to helping new people out and just being active and engaging whenever you can.

3.I never take anything personally so i don't get offended at anything really, in that way as an admin i definitely wouldn't be the type of person who would abuse authority. I really believe in being as objective as possible to any situation. 

4. Lots of experience in the game, (although im a bit rusty on some maps since I stopped playing source for quite some time)

Which experiences do you have about being an ADMIN and other things that can beneift us having you as an admin?
I'm an admin on a relatively sizeable discord server although everyone's so well behaved there's literally nothing to moderate. I have however been a leader in a work setting so in that sense I have experience with leading and moderating teams. I am fair and impartial when making decisions; I take that as a general rule in life and not just for admin duties.

Some details about yourself, what are you doing right now, how often do you think you'll play on the server?

The reason why I want to be an admin is because after joining the server honestly I really love it, the people are funny as hell and I miss playing ZE so much on source (not GO) and i forgot how much fun I have playing it. I would like to be more involved in the community whether it be just playing and moderating or thinking of ideas for events. I like going out and hanging out with friends too but most of them work and don't have time, the first time I went into a club was when I was in 9th grade kek. I am an extremely agreeable person, my friends usually always look to me for advice because I'm usually straightforward but in an empathetic way.  I don't work and I will probably never work so to say I have a lot of free time is an understatement LOL. The only time i am unable to play is when im on vacation or when girlfriend aggro. 
here is a small question need to answer it , imagine if you are a new admin on the server and there is a player he is being specious to using Aimbot, And you need to deal with him  how will you deal with that? Write your answer  in full details more detailed answer mean better answer , new admin applications should consider this question .  

The first thing I would do is spectate, if its blatantly obvious than instant ban. If however it seems suspicious but in a way I cannot confirm with a hundred percent confidence, I would consult another more experienced admin to help, this way I could learn how to better spot any abusers and be more confident in my abilities in the future.


*small note but I understand i have not been on the server long so i would completely understand it if that is a concern and a reason for a denied application to get to know the community more.

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  • Event Manager

Hello Bishop! iv seen you quite some times in the server not going to lie xd. You are not really an average player, for what iv seen, you know a lot of maps or at least what na plays mostly xD, good defence that would be good for a future new leader and is good for an admin to have map knowledge, like you said you are a little rusty but by the looks, you might not need a lot of time to re-learn them.
Your addmdin app looks really nice, profesional (More than i would expect for a css ze server xD), nice points about how to moderate, and i like how you said you just go straight forward when you get asked something, thats good for both dealing with trolls and responding to admin abuse posts.

So i will give you a +1 , very nice admin app and i know you will do well. Good Luck! :PP

PD: If you are interested i think you might be a good candidate for Discord Moderator aswell if thats ok with you? 😉 (Just ask for it in the future xD)

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@ Aton



Thanks i really appreciate it!, I try to be professional whenever I feel I need to be :P. I'd be happy to help in any way I can including being a discord moderator. Im always online or by my phone. I just wish NA got better maps haha, usually all the best maps are played when I'm sleeping. Thanks so much again and if I'm accepted; again id be glad to be a moderator wherever you need me.



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  • Server Admin

I have seen you on from time to time for a while. You do not troll and cause any problems from what I have seen. I have not seen any admin abuse as being a donated admin but have rarely use admin (maybe because other admins are on). +1 for me Good Luck 

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