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Locked Please Open Your Eyes

Soul Of Sparta

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1: Your own ingame name : ..
2: Your own steam-ID : STEAM_0:1:23220243
3: Name of the admin(s) involved : @ Lord Vader
4: What server did it happen on : zombie escape
5: What map : ze_crazy_escape_css2
6: Time and date : 08.02.2023 @ 00:15
7: Explain the situation : I got mistakenly knife banned again for just defending, is this what u call troll? how many times i'm going to request removal of your stupid kbans and ebans please open your eyes
8: Proof


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lol " be more careful " its not my fault u don't bother to check and review incidents before banning, imagine if i didn't have a forum account or its a poor new player  i'll be banned for 3 days for a thing i didn't commit  next time show apology for your mistake instead of a cold response you should be careful with the admin panel its not a toy you play with it
*also nice edit to ur response

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