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Locked Heat Abuse.

Jose Arctico

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1: Ingame name: Jose ARCtico.
2: Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:57154863
3: Admin involved: Heat.
4: Server: Zombie Escape.
5: What map: ze_squidzer_final_v3_a
6: Time and date: 11pm GMT-3- 18/2/2023
7: Explanation:

 While playing the event (and having joined lately into it), I started talking to different people, them being Toxic, Juan, and a girl called Breastmilk galdiator. Heat, for some strange reason, was warning Toxic about the things he was saying, regarding some trolling in relation to the previously mentioned female, which was really confusing, mostly because Toxic had said worse things in the past, but, for some reason, Heat did not like the things he said this time.

After a couple of minutes, I started talking to Breastmilk and asqued some questions, regarding different topics. One of those topics was about her soda preference; I asked "What do you prefer, coke or pepsi?" Of course, the girl replied, but for some reason, I got a quick warning from heat, which actually was just a "stop talking warning" and then, without giving any reason substantiated by any rule, proceeded to mute me.

It is of paramount importance the fact that I wasn't mic-spamming, nor being disrespectful with any of the current players in the server. I am sure no rules, regarding any communication issues, were broken by me at that time, even considering the fact that there was an event and Hobbiten was talking.

One of the possible defences that Heat may give is, exactly, the previous said point, and for this I mean, I might have interrupted Hobbiten while he was trying to lead the map. It sure sounds nice, but there are no grounds to say such thing, mainly because Hobbiten had already been guiding the whole server, for various minutes, even hours (I do not accurately know because of my late join), before I joined, which gave him a large amount of opportunities to repeat the same instructions to the playerbase at that current time. With that being said, even if I was interrupting Hobbiten in his guidance through the map (something, I think, I did not do, but a lot of other people did), the entire server already knew, because of the numerous tries to beat the map, what was necessary to do, in order to beat the map.

Now, in order to finish the complaint and report, I just want to add the fact that a lot of players were mic-spamming, being trolls and even interrupting Hobbiten previous to my entrance to the server, but, for some reason, I was one of the few who were muted (in this case, by Heat) while a bigger universe should have deserved the same treatment. Apart from that, the amount of disturbance that, in his perspective, I may have caused is nothing in comparison with the disturbance other players caused before I joined.For that, I not only complain about the mutes I was subject to (which were 2) but also in regards of a possible targeting. As I previously commented, I joined the server pretty late during the event, and had no way of knowing that there was a lot of "chaos" already happening in it.

*I am open to anny appeals if necessary.

8: Proof: Watch the demos of the event (probably the last 2).

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

Hello @ Jose Arctico

thank you for this report.

actually the mute was and wasn’t deserved for the following reasons.

about the reason why it was deserve:

almost 4 or 5 people was talking at the same times on the server since 30 mins (if I’m right, it started when we played alien vs predator stage 3 or 4) and during an event rules are enforced, we decided do not mute since that the team was able to win the map without a good leading, on squidzer it was different.

Hobbitten started to warn some players (on squidzer) that was talking to stop since that the map needed a leader due to the kicker (beating all 5 stages and boss fight without the « saving wins system » and people didn’t stop to talk.

about the reasons why it wasn’t deserve:

If I’m right you joined and talked only on squidzer and didn’t know that people was talking since more than 30 mins so you just talked in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
you didn’t get warn too, normally admins must warn before to mute, most of the time people stop to talk but since that it was 30 mins that people was talking ( you didn’t know that) we considered that people was warned and your mute was « the example to give » to let understand to other that it’s now the time to stop to talk, Heat simply muted the wrong person.

Heat is a good admin, he wasn’t targeting you personally but yeah you shouldn’t have been mute on this event. Sometimes wrong things happen to the wrong person and it’s clearly the case here. Sorry again Jose. I let this topic open if you (or Heat, or another admin/players) want to reply.



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  • Server Admin

Hey Juan, 

I think Lardy addressed it perfectly. It was during an event and there were too many people talking while Hobbitten was trying to lead, we do enforce rules a little more stricter during events. We had direction from higher ups to address the talking on the server while trying to lead you were not targeted specifically, but was one of the one's talking BreastMilk was muted by Hobbitten as well. I did as you say give a warning but did not give you anytime and muted instantly. Sorry for that on my part. You are a regular on the server and are a donated admin and know the rules, so hopefully next time you now know during an event not to disrupt if someone is leading. 


Thank you 

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Hey Heat,

I do not know if you are specifically joking or trying to make fun out of the situation. I suppose you are a fully grown adult and I would appreciate some manners from a regular on the server, and a community admin.

My name is not Juan, and I am not a donated admin. One thing is knowing the rules, and the other is to know when, how and who to apply them. I do believe there is a process for any kind of "rule enforcement" from the admins, and I do believe that has to be respected, as well as the rules regarding the non-staff (even the staff too).

I already suffered the consequences of being "the wrong person", which were talking to nobody for some minutes because an admin decided to mute me twice. I hope you could suffer some consequences too, regarding your admin status; but of course, not definitive ones, considering that there should not be a double standard: if you do something wrong, you suffer, and I already did.

Thank you.

Best regards.

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  • Server Admin

Jose - 

Nobody is making fun of the matter, it was a 30 minute mute for talking during an event when Hobbitten was trying to lead. I was instructed by higher ups to control the situation and did so. Thank you for playing on Nide and have a good day.



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  • Management

Hey Jose

Just to close this report off as it clearly isn't done yet 😄 I would to say that Heat tried to control the episode and you really just joined at a bad moment at a bad time. As there clearly was others who influenced voice chat a lot more than you. However I will also talk with Heat himself to make sure something like this wont happen again without a proper explanation as from your point of view you just joined and had no idea what was really happening and that I understand. 

Aton and Heat will be more aware of this for the future events to make sure something like this wont happen again as sometimes everyone gets overflooded with spam and Me as the (higher up) telling them to do something about this whole outraged moment. Also just to add to it I have already talked with Aton about it and I briefly mentioned it with Heat however they will be aware of it for nextime thankyou for the report.

Topic closed if you want to discuss it further or have other stuff you want to add feel free to ask questions on discord.


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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

re @ Jose Arctico

Heat apologized about this mute, he is enough smart to understand his mistakes and we also talked to him to take care about his future decisions even if in absolute, the mute was justified since that it was an event and during an event Admins can mute people without warning but, again, regarding to the  situation, especially about you, it was different.

When we started to play a harder map we gently asked people to stop to talk, they didn't, so Heat started to mute people.

Have a nice day.

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