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here are the answers of admin application questions :
1- Player name:  
Natasha Volkova,  age : 24
2- Discord: Skynet#2058
3- steam : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199297061737/ /// Steam ID On server : STEAM_0:0:868506917
4-   5 hours the less everyday, mostly between 8 Pm - 2 AM  Baghdad time.
5- 3 years playing on nide, up to 5 hours daily online.
6- No problem at all 
7- Nide ZR needs online admins, currently most of admins are offline at night, i can see kiwi online and when he's offline there are no admins online. for skills side I'm mapper and i created 4 servers before, Zombie Riot, zombie Survival, AWP Classic, zombie revival. they're closed now, u can trust me
8- it's useful for having some safety when some people new strange people join and start insulting players or cheat or just keep shooting props everywhere , they're so many already , the rest of Num8 answered on Num7 too.
9-I'm from Iraq  , I'm working in two jobs , I've security cameras installations job and Teacher of English in Mid school
10 - hum that's not easy considering we have no system can detect him , so i go ! spec then i watch his aiming myself , if i noticed that he has all auto-headshot or Auto-aim enemies unlike the normal aiming , in this case he get kick , should be the less 3 days , I didn't get kick time limits yet, so I'm not aware about the time., also i can check the demo for further information, if there was no violation it's fine

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  • Server Admin


I think good for me there was an OK  ,  

wait to analyze your request members of nide lengths
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  • CS:S ZR Lead Server Admin

+1 cool dude been seeing him around.

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