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Locked Maso's Eban Removal appeal


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  7. ➥ 10/03/23 19;00 uk time
  8. ➥ we about to go lasers on rage and we have heal bio and wind ready. ultima goes off and gravity panic use so we dont know what to use.  I use heal as soon as i hear someone get infected but i not know they also have zm poison and it trims alot of the team. this was not intentional as i thought other items would cover. we get past door and i use heal to save players that still alive. We ended up winning the round so idk why i was ebanned. it was simple mistake and gravity was also not ebanned as time of writing this, even tho he was the catalyst to this accident.
  9. ➥ Proof; demos
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Hello Maso. Your eban has been lifted for not being justified.

And please, next time you're going to make a report/appeal, try to include a demo and a tick to make handling reports/appeals easier for both us and you.

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