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CS:S Zombie Revival Event #54 - Zombies Occupation!


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CS:S Zombie Revival Event #54
18/03/2023 - 5PM GMT+1 (Server Time)

"Zombies Occupation!"

"15 Days of VIP to winners!"


🗺️ Maps to be played
zm_templeofdoom_trouble_b4 [Download Here]
zm_camper_indian [Download Here]
zm_nide_nosky_finish_v1a [Download Here]

Times of the event
fr.svg France

18/03/2023 @ 5PM GMT+1:00
us.svg USA
(New York)

18/03/2023 @ 11AM GMT-5:00
in.svg India

18/03/2023 @ 9:30PM GMT+5:30
ru.svg Australia

19/03/2023 @ 7AM GMT+11:00
ru.svg Russia

18/03/2023 @ 7PM GMT+3:00

If you don't see your timezone here, you can convert GMT+1 by clicking on this link.

 📰 Special rules
Rules will be enforced strictly during the event: spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed and will be punished without a warning.

🎁 Rewards
Being at TOP5 most scores on each map will grant you 5 days of vip.


◽ Server: CSS Zombie Revival
◽ IP:
◽ Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group



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Winners have been rewarded!

zm_templeofdoom_trouble_b4 Winners:

-"Dark "                         STEAM_0:0:177923446 // 98 Score
-"Marixyana"                     STEAM_0:1:103112615 // 62 Score
-"Shasha009"                     STEAM_0:0:759963559 // 40 Score
-"Silaniks"                     STEAM_0:1:728072618 // 37 Score
-"DeMoNiX  Stopmeifyoucan :"     STEAM_0:1:174132907 // 30 Score

zm_camper_indian Winners:

-"Marixyana"                     STEAM_0:1:103112615  // 183 Score
-"Silaniks"                     STEAM_0:1:728072618  // 111 Score
-"Dark "                         STEAM_0:0:177923446  // 109 Score
-"///////\\\\\\"                 STEAM_0:0:189264453  // 83 Score
-"Dead Gamer"                     STEAM_0:0:160734793 // 76 Score

zm_nide_nosky_finish_v1a Winners:

-"Silaniks"                     STEAM_0:1:728072618 // 109 Score
-"Marixyana"                     STEAM_0:1:103112615 // 85 Score
-"Masteryxxx"                     STEAM_0:0:609493706 // 53 Score
-"CrazyChris"                     STEAM_0:1:198678680 // 50 Score
-"cynoiutek"                     STEAM_0:0:15082611 // 50 Score

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