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Закрыто demote this donated random

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1: Your own ingame name

2: Your own steam-ID
3: Name of the admin(s) involved

Shy Neko
4: What server did it happen on

5: What map

westersand v7
6: Time and date

3/16/2023 5:36pm gmt
7: Explain the situation

this guy gag and mute me for some 600 minutes. Plus he told me to rprt .Plus he kept kicking a guy named zlek. Just demote this random ass. Too f*cking salty

edit: he kept kicking me whenever i tried to join
8: Proof

check demo


Изменено пользователем Haider-sama
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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Hello there, the admin that you have reported has been removed, however, your silence will remain in place for a reason of being toxic to people.

And please, if you're making a report/appeal, try to include a link to the demo and tick to make it easier to handle for both us and you.

Best regards.

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